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Private Corner’s solutions are tailored to your needs

Keeping your business

Are you a private banking or wealth management professional? Private Corner can help you branch out into unlisted assets. There’s no need to change your operating model: simply tap into our technological and regulatory expertise, backed up by our streamlined management process. We offer fast, personalised and adaptable service both at implementation and thereafter, giving you optimum operational flexibility.

Drawing on our expertise, we provide our partners and their clients with access to rigorous, differentiated selection, efficient tracking, transparent communication and optimised monitoring.

With Private Corner, your clients will have access to leading private equity funds starting from a minimum investment of €100k, gradually called over a period of four to five years. Thanks to our fully digital platform, you’ll be able to provide them with a unique and secure investor experience so they can easily invest in a key asset class.

Choose from
two options


An open-architecture turnkey solution

Private Corner identifies funds that are either currently raising investment or are set to do so in the near future. This means we’re always able to offer a diversified and complementary selection of funds whose minimum ticket sizes mean they are usually reserved for institutional investors or the wealthiest families. Private Corner aggregates individual client demand across all its partners to invest directly in one or more funds. With our turnkey solution, you can give your clients access to the biggest private equity funds investing in companies ranging from startups to SMEs and mid-tier enterprises, with an approach that is highly diversified across geographies and industry sectors.


A dedicated solution for offering bespoke investment strategies

Are you looking to target a particular strategy for your clients? Our platform, expertise and experience are at your disposal to structure and manage a dedicated investment vehicle. This ready-to-use, fully digital bespoke offering allows you to provide your clients with a unique investment solution.

Are you an institutional investor or a very wealthy family looking to streamline your approach to this asset class? A dedicated fund could meet your operational requirements.

Our selection
of funds

Private Corner provides access to a selection of the biggest private equity funds.

We select fund managers with a proven track record of creating value across multiple economic cycles.

Our approach is diversified by strategy, geographic location and industry sector. This means you have uninterrupted access to a diversified, complementary range of funds from which you can build a custom allocation for your clients.

selection funds

A completely digital experience
and fully integrated

By managing its funds digitally, Private Corner is able to provide you and your investors with a secure, optimised and uninterrupted service.

Our turnkey offering encompasses the following:

  • Selection of funds and investment teams and associated due diligence
  • Structuring and creation of investment vehicles
  • Investor categorisation and KYC
  • Raising funds and monitoring subscriptions
  • Access to a dedicated online space
  • Continuous monitoring of investment performance
  • Administration and legal and regulatory monitoring

Advantages for all

For distributors
A bespoke offering tailored to your and your clients’ needs

Secure transactions thanks to efficient tracking, transparent communication and optimised monitoring
For fund managers
As a regulated operator, Private Corner is able to offer a streamlined operational approach aimed at private clients while guaranteeing a high level of service
For investors
The kind of investor experience normally reserved for institutional investors.

A streamlined, transparent offering built on a simple, secure and reliable digital process

For everyone: a balanced business model


Private Corner is an investment management company, authorised to operate as such by the AMF (the French financial markets authority) since 5 November 2020 under number GP-20000038.

| Investing in private equity funds entails risks, including the risk of capital loss and liquidity risk. Funds invested cannot be accessed for at least 10 years.

| Only professional and experienced investors may invest in these funds.

| Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and there is no guarantee that targets will be achieved.

| All the opinions and interpretations expressed herein are those of Private Corner.