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Working with Private Corner means prioritising security for your clients’ transactions and opting for an institutional-quality service.


France’s PACTE Act (Loi Pacte) injected fresh impetus into the private equity market for individual investors. Through its digital platform, Private Corner is able to meet the emerging need for diversification among all market stakeholders and to serve their objectives in a balanced way.


For distributors

Private Corner selects private equity funds reserved for institutional investors


For private clients

Private Corner offers a way for private clients to diversify their portfolio by investing in unlisted assets


For management companies

Private Corner is aligned with management companies’ strategy of reaching out to private clients


The Private Corner approach

By combining our turnkey platform with industry expertise, we help your clients invest in unlisted assets just as institutional investors do.
Our goal has always been to provide the best possible user experience combined with a range of differentiated, innovative and high-performing solutions:
Diversified fund selection
A robust, transparent and streamlined process and continuous monitoring of investments
Balanced business model designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders

Cutting-edge technology and
operational expertise

A pioneer in its market, Private Corner is first and foremost a team of experts experienced in structuring, administering and financially managing private equity funds. By tapping into this unique blend of expertise, you and your clients will benefit from both our operational excellence and our in-depth knowledge of the private equity market.

We put our experience – built up working for highly demanding institutional clients subject to strict constraints – to work for your clients. Thanks to our history and experience, we have a broader perspective on the ecosystem and connections at every level of the value chain.

With Private Corner, your clients can be assured of receiving the best possible service throughout the life of their investment.

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Innovative technology, tried and tested processes and an expert team
Our founders
Yves Caron

Yves Caron


Estelle Dolla

Estelle Dolla


Thomas Renaudin

Thomas Renaudin


Our board
Dominique Gaillard

Dominique Gaillard

President - Armen

Laurent Bénard

Laurent Bénard

CEO - Armen

Jacques Ittah

Jacques Ittah

Managing Partner - Wil Consulting

Armen: a trusted strategic partner

In 2023, we made a key decision by accepting an equity investment from Armen . Our aim is to draw on this strategic partnership to help structure our business and accelerate our growth.

With Armen at our side, we have everything we need to expand while retaining independent control over our investment policy and selection. We’re committed to giving you access to the best investment teams.

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Are you a professional wealth management or financial advisor
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Who we are

We are

We aim to act as an interface between private investors and institutional funds so your clients can have access to the very best that private equity has to offer.

We are

Our added value lies in the combination of our people, our operational expertise and our tried and tested technology.

We are

We aim to provide our clients with a personalised and secure managed service, ensuring both your satisfaction and our success.

We are
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Our ESG policy

At Private Corner, we’re convinced that taking environmental, social and governance factors into account is key to long-term performance and value creation. Our policy for selecting underlying funds takes into account the three non-financial criteria (environmental, social and governance).

This means we measure the direct and indirect impact of the management companies that manage our target funds as well as assessing those funds’ investment profiles.

SFDR disclosure

No consideration of adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

In accordance with paragraph 1 b) of article 4 of the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (the "SFDR"), Private Corner does not consider any adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors. The Management Company has implemented processes and procedures aiming at understanding how the investments performed by the funds it manages contribute to sustainability factors.

The Management Company is not in a position to assess the potential negative impact of its investment decisions on the sustainability factors of all the funds it manages, insofar as the required data are not yet accessible or available in satisfactory quantity or quality or sufficiently robust to rely on them in assessing the adverse impact of its investment decisions.

This position is likely to change in the near future, depending on developments in the European regulatory framework for sustainable finance.


How we’re taking action:
carbon offsetting

We believe forests are the best solution for the climate and biodiversity as well as having an impact on local socioeconomic development. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with “crowdplanting” platform Reforest’Action, funding projects that aim to restore forests in France and around the world.


Our commitment as a member of the EPIC Pledge community

Because we want to build sustainable growth that has a positive impact on society and the environment, we’ve decided to join the global community of Epic Pledge donors.

We’re committed to giving back 1% of our EBITDA to the Epic Foundation every year to support high-impact enterprises and non-profit organisations.

Let's work together
Yves Caron
Yves Caron A graduate of an Engineering School (ESTP Paris), Yves has 20 years of experience in the banking and financial sector as Director of Operations and in the management of IT and digital projects. For more than 12 years, Yves has specialized in alternative investment funds (Private Equity, Private Debt & Securitization, Infrastructure, Real Estate), holding management positions in groups with an international dimension among leading market players (RBC I&TS, alterDomus, CACEIS) offering Custodian banking, registrar and alternative investment fund management and administration services.
Estelle Dolla
Estelle Dolla Estelle specializes in the financial management, risk management and administrative management of alternative investment funds, as well as structures such as holding companies and deal clubs. Financial auditor specializing in management companies and investment funds at KPMG Audit, then Administrative and Financial Director of the management company 123 IM for 12 years where she structured all operational aspects of managed vehicles. In 2018, she joined alterDomus as Chief Operating Officer, a world leader in providing services to alternative investment funds.
Thomas Renaudin
Thomas Renaudin Thomas is a chartered accountant, he has strong experience in fund administration and corporate finance management. After having accompanied, at the start of his career, players in alternative management within what would become part of alterDomus in France a few years later, he joined Rexel’s Financial Department for 4 years, where he implemented his technical and interpersonal skills to carry out financing, restructuring and support projects for unlisted companies. Back at alterDomus in 2017, he actively participates in strategy, development and customer relations in order to offer alternative market players a quality service adapted to their needs and those of their investors.